Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Cute Blog Award!

Firstly i want to thank LIZZY for giving me this award! Im so happy, and may i just say...how cute is that logo!

The rules...

  • Link back to the person who awarded you
  • Answer award questions
  • Share something about yourself you haven't shared on your blog
  • award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award. (Im going to award about 7 people?)
The award questions...

  1. What is your 'go to' make up product? - I would say my 'go to' make up product is concealer, as there always good to carry round if you feel you want some extra coverage! 
  2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011? - mine has go to be... the floral, lace or aztec styles:)
  3. favourtie colour? - probably pastel colours at the moment, like pail pink! 
  4. What was the last song i listened to? urmmm.... It was either coldplay princess of china, one direction more than this or titanium by david guetta and sia?!
  5. Cats or Dogs? -im going to have to go with dogs but honestly i like them almost equal! kittens and puppys especially, there adorable! 
  6. Whats you middle name? -marie:)
 My something i have never mentioned on here?- My brother is one of my best friends! i love him to pieces!<3

5 blogs im going to give this award to...
boho vanity
belle pearl
beautiful bliss

So there you have it! thanks for reading, sorry if i bored you! There will be more 'proper' posts soon!


  1. thank you so much! i love princess of china its a great song, you know its rihanna singing the girls verse?;-)x

  2. I have just done the Schooled with Wikifashion tag and have tagged you in it, just in case you don't see the post!

    Zoe xoxo

  3. awww, thanks, leah. you're a doll, and i'm so thankful that you're my blogger friend. :) it's always nice learning more about my fellow bloggers.

    i am not the best at moving awards forward, so i will do my best to do a post on the award.

    have a great wknd!


  4. i didn't even see this til now- thank you hun!! you're so sweet :) xx