Monday, 9 January 2012

Small sales haul!

In the sales i bought a couple things some being on sale some not, but still i thought i would do this sales post because i can:) Theres some random things in here too but i think there pretty so whateverrr:)
As this is hair related thought i would add it! This is Wella Silvikrin 
hair spray in firm hold 3 my mum recommended this to me and honestly i didn't think it would be that good but i was pleasantly surprised. i would recommend this in firm hold 3 as its the perfect hold! firm hold 4 would be solid and 2 wouldn't be enough hold where as hold 3 allows you hair to move naturally but keeps shape perfectperfectperfect! I bought this for about £2.99 which is a really good priced hairspray! Its different prices at different places!
I got this coat the other day from primark expecting to pay £19.00 but it ended up being £14.00 which made me a very happy bunny! Its a beige colour and on the out side is quite rough but the inside is all silky and smooth! Its really warm and i laaalove it! The hood has a nice pattern:)
I got this from the works for about £2.99! i love it, it has everything! Plus the pattern is gorgeous! It was such a good price considering WHsmiths diarys like this are £10.00! love!<3 im a sucker for pretty patterns:)
This lipstick is from MUA in superdrug for just £1 amazing. I mentioned this in my whats in my makeup bag post and im just going to go into abit of detail on it! This is a gorgeous nude colour which is so moisturizing!I really do love it, its completely worth £1! one thing i have noticed with this lipstick is that its so moisturizing that the colour does fade quite fast and i end up reapplying it alot, making it run out fast :O It doesnt really matter though its not gonna break the bank! OH and the bottom bit of the lipstick, the colourful bit yeah well it comes of and theres like the same shade as the lipstick lip balm!-awesome.
I got the 17 peep show mascara but im not going to go into much detail on this as i have done a review on this little collection! you can find this in my January 2011 posts!
 Lastly but not least my £1 eyelash curlers from primark! These were also mentioned in my whats in my makeup bag post! I love these, i have friends that have more expensive ones who also bought these and prefer these curlers by a mile! They may be cheap but there worth it!<3

Lastly i got these new jeans from H&M they were only.....£12.99! SO good! im in love with these just everything about them, from the way they fit my hips perfectly to there colour! There also very stretchy, not quite as stretchy as jeggins but not far of! I lalalalalalove these SO much bargain!:)

Sorry this blog was pretty long, hope you enjoyed reading and i hope i didnt bore you!
leah,xxxx +thanks for reading and following:) 


  1. I love that hairspray. My Grandad recommended it to me :L xx

  2. Ikr its so good!+good old family:)xx

  3. That lipstick is amazing! Beautiful coulour :) xxx

  4. isnt it! only £1 to! so good<3xxx