Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Review: Cath Kidston brush set

I wanted this brush set for ages because i had seen quite a few good reviews on it! Now i have it i thought i would do one myself! (some of the brushes aren't the cleanest, sorry! Didn't have much time!) 
This is the brush set i happened to pick up from Cath Kidston! You can get different patterns which are all very cute and of the same shape and style of this one! This is sold at £25.00 not to bad for a brush set compared to some stores... they are often on sale thought so keep your eye out Plus the outlet stores sell these sometimes! The packaging im really pleased with as i have had it a while and its still looking shiny and new! <always a bonus!
This is the set from the inside, the pretty pattern continues and the brushes are safely tucked away in little pouches under a plastic flap keeping the heads of the brushes in order:) Inside there is a zip above the Cath Kidston label where i like to keep my other smaller brushes, but i guess that could be used to hold spare make up? or make up you would use the brushes with? Always handy to have i guess! 
The brushes themselves i feel are a really good quality! They have a normal white wooden handle and i think the brushes are synthetic! (The brush handles aren't bent by the way its just the way i took the picture and the ways the shadows have gone! owps!) I REALLY love this set, couldn't live without it now! I use it everyday because every brush gives a really nice application and there all SO soft! The hairs hardly ever fall out which is a problem i always had with my other brushes! Plus they have the essential brushes all in one set which is always handy! Powder, blush, eye shadow, concealer brushes! lalalaloveeee this!! Recommend it to everyone!

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  1. I didn't even know Cath Kidston did brushes! I'm defaintly going to get them now! Good review :-)x

  2. This is so cute!I like it!
    How about follow each other?It would be great!Let me know dear (:

  3. Thank you for following me - now following you! :)

    Lovely blog, i look forward to reading all your posts! :)



  4. Thank you guys! lovely901 yeah you should,there really good!:)
    Audrey thanks! and yeah sure thing,followed!:)
    Helen thanks! and i really love your blog:)

  5. I love Cath Kidston designs. I did a Cath Kidston inspired nail art design a while back, loved it!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  6. Really that's pretty awesome! I shall have to try and find your post about your nails! +i know right cath kidston is the cutest!:)

  7. Oh it's so cute! I love the colors!

    xoxo, Lia

  8. I'm glad the brushes work well, although I'd be tempted to buy this just for the packaging, it's so cute! xx

  9. beth i saw it and mainly bought it for the packaging! i couldn't resist!xoxo