Monday, 2 January 2012

Review: E.L.F Eyeshadows!

I have decided to do a small review on e.l.f eye shadows as i now have quite a nice selection that i thought i would share with you! So far i have found that all the e.l.f products i have tried have been of a good quality and i do really like there products and will defiantly be buying some more soon!...

So the first eyeshadow set i'm reviewing is the e.l.f everyday eye edition beauty book. I got this just before Christmas and ever since i got it i have not used any other eyeshadow!-proves how much i like it! I think the colours are really pretty and most of them are very pigmented which i'm very pleased about! I particularly like that there is a range in colour in the pallete, there's neutral and quite vibrant colours which you don't always get in some pallets. It comes with a little applicator and a e.l.f eyeliner in black! Overall i'm really pleased with the pallet!  Oh and you can purchase this on the e.l.f website for £6.00! Quite good for 12 eyeshadows!                                     



For Christmas this year, from a friend i also got two little eyeshadow pallets. There called e.l.f brightening eye colour! I got one in butternut and one in blue moon. I really like these as there really small so they are nice and easy to take out in a purse and they also don't take up much storage at home! The quality of the eyeshadows are identical to the quality of beauty books eyeshadow which i went into detail on earlier!...  The only difference with these smaller eyeshadows is that there is less product but personally i think thats perfectly reasonable as the brightening eye colour is only £1.50! BRAGIN.
you can purchase these at the e.l.f website to for £1.50 im not sure how much postage is sorry!<3
e.l.f brightening eye colour: Blue moon

e.l.f brightening eye colour: Butternut!
Overall i really really like e.l.f and there eyeshadows are really good i would defiantly recommend them to anyone! Thanks for reading this sorry if i bored you! leah,xxxx

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