Wednesday, 18 January 2012

NOTD: french falsies!

Im cheating today! On my nails i have primarks £1 OHH LA LA french nails! I have to say for £1 the nails are really good, quite thick and havent broken...yet:) but the glue the nails come with is garbage so i used my own glue that i bought separately! You get 24 nails which is always handy if your like me....losing them all the time!! I've had them on for 2 days and there still fine, and i have been doing some hard working stuff!-im impressed!...
This is the box they came in (not in the best condition sorry!)

The nails were really long and considering i wanted to wear them to school, i cut and filed them down abit to look abit more...natural?
Less tacky?...
My little finger looks weird in this picture! Doesnt actually look like that!!
See my little finger is normal:)

Just in case you wanted to know what glue i was using, i used Elegant Touch Protective Nail Glue its really really good i would defiantly buy it again! Mines from superdrug for about £3 i think?- maybe less?...
Bit of a bad picture sorry! The bottle wouldn't stay still!

Thanks for reading! hope i didn't bored you! 
I'd love to here your thoughts!


  1. I have awarded you the "liebster" blog award,
    Check out my blog for all the information..
    Lulu xxx

  2. These look amazing! I like how youve filed them down it makes them look more natural xx

  3. I've wanted to try these a while but didn't know if they'd be rubbish considering the price! Ill definitely try these now, thanks !


  4. Sam it's okay you Should defiantly get them!:)x
    Beth thank you! That was the aim:Dxx

  5. Can't believe they're only a pound, they look great!x

  6. I know! I cant believe it either, there so good!+thanks!xx

  7. I love long nails, but I spend all day using my hands with my patients, and I just would break them over and over again.

    I envy your nails, faux or not.

    Maybe I should rock them on the weekend? Hum. You little thought provoker you:)

  8. I've given you the 'liebster blog award'! Please check out my post on it for details!:-)xx

  9. shaylynn you should totally rock these nails on the weekend! and thanks i do enjoy provoking peoples thoughts!
    lovely901 thanks!xx