Saturday, 7 January 2012

Review: 17 peep show mascara.

Hey guys! Thought i would do a review on the 17 peep show mascara as i recently bought it and thought it was quite interesting as its a new product:)

 This is a new mascara by 17 so in boots its on a deal at the moment where you get 1 pound of and a free palette and i couldnt resist with this cute packaging! Normally this mascara would be £6.29 but i got it for £5.29+the palette!wooo!
I got it in black and i really like it! It has a nice brush, and its not clumpy at all! It applies pretty well considering the price! I would deffo reccomend this! It all about the packaging:)
This is the palette from the inside, it has soome really nice shades and all the colours are really pigmented! They stay on really well and dont have much fall out which is always good! I would deffo recommed getting the  mascara now considering its cheaper with a bonus palette! over all i really the whole 17 peep show collection!

Thanks for reading! sorry if i bored you!



  1. Ooo, I was eyeing this today, wish I got it now!:)X


  2. haha! maybe next time your in boots? you dont wanna miss the deal!:)oh and thanks for the follow<3

  3. OO i must go and have a peek at the 17 palette! looks lurrrvley :) x

  4. Awh.. i am definitely going to buy the mascara! It's adorable!

  5. Yeah i think the best eyeshadow is the bottom right! I really love it! You should defiantly have a look! thanks!leah,xxxx

  6. hi, leah! nice blog--i am a huge mascara fan, and always looking for a good one to use. this is a good review, and i enjoyed your blog. new follower, and maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers from new england usa!

  7. thanks! you should get it, its really good! and yeah im gonna look on your blog right now!:)