Thursday, 12 January 2012


I didnt own any nivea and thought i would try it out as loads of people say it does wonders for the skin!So for christmas i bought this little beauty and thought i would share it with you!- this is the nivea feel gorgeous christmas gift set!...

Firstly i love the presentation/packaging for this! A set of cardboard draws!-genius.
I now hold make up in these draws! The packaging is a product in itself! thanks nivea for the draws:)
This set comes with 7 mini nivea products perfect to carry around in your bag!
(L to R)
Nivea creme soft shower cream 50ml
average shower cream, nothing special:)
Nivea Irresistibly smooth body lotion 75ml
I really love this! its so thick and creamy:)
Nivea hand cream 30ml
Generally a good hand cream, smells nice and really moisturising although i feel it takes a while to skin in, so for like 5-10 mins i feel i have greasy hands!But i guess if you have really dry hands it would work faster!
Nivea soft refreshingly soft moisturising cream 25ml
The best of all the products! but you get the least amount of product, i shall be purchasing some more!
(top to bottom) 
Nivea pearly shine lips 4,8g
A really nice lip treatment i just dont like the colour on me! but i feel it really moisturized my lips!
Nivea pearl and beauty anti-perspirant deodorant 25ml
average deodorant
Nivea glamorous gloss in natural. 8.5ml
lalalove this! its a light pink and its so cute! i went out and bought the bigger version!

 Over all i do like these nivea products! There pretty average but they all are generally working products! I got this a christmas time for £9.99 but you can now get this set now at superdrug for  £6.99 bargain if you ask me!
Thanks for reading, sorry if i rambled!
tell me of any good products?


  1. Love that little polka dot box, adorable! Great idea to save it and use it for makeup storage:)


  2. I really like Nivea. I use the Nivea soft moisturiser all the time!


  3. loveletters and snitppets its good isn't it! and erin the box is just the cutest!xoxo

  4. hi Leah, i just came across your blog and i really like it! i am going to follow you, mind following me back?
    i love the nivea lip balms, they make my lips soo soft;)

  5. thanks! and yeah sure! and i know right there lip balms are the best!xoxo

  6. if i could only ever use one brand, it would be this! Its skincare is such good quality and perfect for dry skin, i love it !


  7. yeah same! i have dry skin and its perfect!xxxx