Saturday, 14 January 2012

January Wants!

I know its abit late as its half way through January but hey:) Everyone wants bits and bobs each month and these are just a couple of things i would love to have this january!...

First i would love this topshop lipstick in ohh la la! I have wanted to perfect coral lipstick for ages and this is the one. I havent got any topshop makeup as my local topshop doesnt do make up-_- But i have seen so many good reviews on it! For £8 its abit expensive but apparently its almost as good as mac, which costs even more

Secondly i love this crafted feather bandeau top from republic! I have wanted a top like this for ages and i think it will be cute for most seasons! Its quite plain yet has a interesting pattern too which i like!£8.00 or to for £12.00 bargain if you ask going to be buying this soon...

River island red ponti seamed leggings, remind me or horse riding trousers but i really like these! There a gorgeous colour and i think would go with loads! £20

I have wanted some sleek blush for ages! I have fallen in love with this colour (rose gold) and for just £4.30 its perfect! I think the colour is a very January colour too....

Thanks for reading, sorry for rambling! and if you have any of these products how are they?!


  1. Hey thanks for following me :) I went looking for that lipstick in topshop and couldn't find it :( Love your blog btw :)
    Bex x

  2. Topshop lipticks.are.amaze.
    Seriously you wont be disappointed :) i have done a review on two of them on my blog :)
    And i want the sleek blush too! havent tried the blush but i have the contour kit and the eyebrow kit and theyre the best products i have bought for a long im guessing the blush will not disappoint! xx

  3. Bex no problem! And if I can find it I may have to order it!-nothings going to stop me getting it! +thankyou!love yours to!
    Beth I have read your reviews, and now im in love with rio rio! Such a nice red! btw I love your blog...+I have looked at the blush and it looks amazeballs. I'm must get it!+ I I've looked at your review on the eyebrow kit and now that's on my list of things to buy too!:Dxoxo

  4. this lipstick looks a lovely colour, I have a bit on an obsession with coral lips as well so will have to check it out!
    Cute blog!!
    Hollie xox

  5. i love the colour of the lipstick and the leggings are great for this time of year too :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  6. Love the lipstick! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine and enter my free MAC cosmetics giveaway!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  7. I really want that lipstick is gorgeous! and thank you guys for following<3<3 Im checking all your blogs now! musicandmollie Those types of leggings are really good for this season right!<3xoxo

  8. absolutely love the feather top!

  9. Those things look really nice, especially the lipstick!
    Lovely blog btw :)