Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fashion Tag!

I fancied posting today and thought a tag would be nice and easy to do! I found this one quite interesting so i hope you enjoy!....

What do you wear most?
In winter i love my jumpers,jeans,leggings and coats but summer its all about the short shorts:)
What are you wearing now?
H&M jeans with a hollister vest on top with a oversized oatmeal coloured cardi! 

Favourite seasons to go shopping?
i really cant choose!
Skirts or pants?

favourite places to shop?
newlook, primark all that jazz!
Describe your style?
floaty,tight,plain,bright everything!
How long do you spend on your outfits each day?

Depends whats happening on the day! usually about 10 mins?
Who do you usually shop with?
Friends! sometime family:)
Favourtite coloured top?
cropped top- light pink with a pale grey floral pattern, with a black bird cage on!

How long would you wear painful but gorgeous heels for?
Well i'm short so i wear heels to most party's so i wear them as long as the party lasts!:)

Thanks for reading this, i hope it didn't bore you!

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