Thursday, 15 March 2012

Febuary Favourites!

Hello everybody out there, i hope your feeling fine today! This post is reallyreally late and im very sorry about that, i do know we are well into march now... better late than never! Any way here are a couple of my favourite product/random things from Febuary! I have tried to pick a range of things this time from clothes to beauty products to random things as i usually end up focusing on the same type of product, owp!
Firstly i have been loving me recently bought bandeau! Its really handy to put under baggy vests and tops where i dont want to be revealing to much! This was only £2.99 from new looks generation range! soo fabby:D
This is barry m nail paint in 307 lemon!^the pictures not the best sorry! I've been loving this colour this month, its a really pretty and  i think it really fits with the autumn/spring seasons! £2.99 i believe! Barry m nail paints are so good so if your looking for a good nail varnish i strongly recommend you look into the bazza m family:D 
 Boots own brand, Natural collection samphire & sea minerals Body spray. Im completely in love this this spray! Its more of a body mist and it just the most beautiful natural smell ever! It smells really fresh, fruity and watery its amazing! Only £2.00 i think? sooo good!
These shoes are from debenhams and i think there kids shoes and are in the bluezoo range? I have incredibly small feet so luckily they went up to my size! im a 3 usually but i believe these shoes only go up to a 5? There called 'boys navy piped canvas shoes' and i know there boys but i dont care i like them there nice boat shoes!:D £12.00! fabfab!
PRIMARK CANDLES:D im in love seriously... this candle is called amber vanilla and honestly it the coziest smell! I would say its just as nice as my yankee candles, if not nicer! plus i think it smelt so much nicer after id burnt it, it just good that warm vanilla smell now...YUM im surprised i haven't tried eating it yet :-) ONLY £1.00. nuff said there.

So thats most of the things i enjoyed over febuary! im ever so sorry if i bored you and thank you so much for reading! i promise to post more often! thoughts?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

March Wants!

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry guys, long time no blog :( i have had a few important exams so have had no time for blogging but in the future i am going to learn how to juggle my time well and have lots of time for lots of blogging :D

Anyway... march wants! February went sooooo quickly!

1. These are some gorgeous cosmic print legging/jeggingy things from river island! they are £20, which is a little pricey for leggings BUT they look absolutely a-maze-balls. Enough said i think.
2. This is also from river island, and is a collar necklace - been wanting one of these for a long long time and this one looks perfecto for me, this is £12, which i don't think is that bad?!
3. This is from the teenage section from new look and is a nice and 'edgy' shirt. it's chiffon and has a fake leathery collar and i think its really cool! i think it would look really nice put together in an outfit - maybe even with the gold collar?
4. Barry M Nail Paint in Racing Green, this is like a dark metallicy green and i think its more of a wintery colour but, it would still look nice in the summer i think. I love barry m nail paints haha!
5 - MAC eyeshadow in all that glitters - this is a gorgeous colour perfect to just slap on all over the lid and then your done, its so pretty!!
6 - Lush bath ballistic - think pink. I've run out of bath bombs :( but i really want to try this one, mainly because its pink.
7 - Real Techniques Core Collection - These brushes are so popular at the moment, so i want to see for myself if they're any good haha! This is like the face set kind of thing and its only £21.99 for four brushes which is a bargain!
8 - This is a lovely purse from topshop, it's £16. It's real leather which is good, and it fits in with the colour blocking trend and also... a girl can never have too many purses!

thanks for reading, sorry if i bored you!!
Leah, xxxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mini haul!

Hello, thought id post today as i haven't in a while! Over Febuary i have been buying bits and bobs and i just thought id share them with you!!...
Firstly are these two peter pan collard tops! I really love peter pan collars i think there really cute at this time of year, they make a plan top look so much better!
The first one was £8 from primark and the second one was only £6! Bargains!!
(The first one is more of a mustard colour, it just came up weird in the picture!)
I then got this bag which i love! I have wanted a bag like this for ages but i could never find one that really caught my eye...that was until i was this little beauty! Its quite hard on the outside which is what i wanted and its perfect just to have on your shoulder on a day out! The inside is so cute to! i had to put a picture, look at all the little horses!:-) This is from primark for £7 but i got it on sale for only £3! how good is that! Thank you primark:)
I then bought MUA lipstick in shade 16! In the pictures its come out quite orange but its more coral than orange when its on! I really love this lipstick and it stays on really well! for only £1 who could resist?!:) If you didn't know already MUA is a superdrug own brand so you can get it there!
lastly i got this No7 concealer, i wont go on about this though as i have already done a full review on it! If your interested you can check out the review HERE

Thats everything! thank you for reading! im so sorry if i bored you!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

No7 quick cover concealer!

Hello! I fancied abit of blogging today and honestly i just couldnt think of any really interesting things to post about so i have decided to have a wee bit of a rave over the No7 quick cover concealer! If you have never read any of my posts before you would know that im quite the fan of a good concealer! I was given a £5 of No7 voucher in boots (there always flying around) and couldn't resist when i saw this concealer, i had seen many good reviews on it so i just went for it!...
So thats what it looks like! I have mine in 03fair and mines pretty pale but im pale so its all good:)
I feel this give quite a good coverage as im going through a break out and my skin looks normal thanks to this concealer! Its my perfect colour and blends really well which is good as no one like smudged concealer marks! Its normally £8 which is a really good price on its own but i got the £5 voucher making it only £3 and for only £3 its defiantly worth it and im so pleased! I use concealer mainly to cover dark circles under my eyes and i have found that this does work well for that but i know of better concealers for that purpose! But this is fab just for the odd bit of coverage!!:)

Thank you for reading and sorry if i rambled!
thoughts? what concealers do you guys like? fancy recommending any?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

January Favourites!

Hey guys! This is my January favourites post, and i've been loving lots of products this past month so here goes...

So, the firstly is a Barry M Nail Paint. It's the Instant Nail Effects in 311 Black! I really love this nail paint as barry m nail polishes are really good quality and this is the best cracking nail varnish i've found on the market and i'v tried a few! This was £3.99, fabby price if you ask me ;-)

Next thing is also a Barry M product, and it is one of their lip glosses, i don't tend to use lip gloss very much, but this one caught my eye because it is the perfect baby pink colour and looks really natural. It is in  Strawberry milkshake and it smells a-m-a-z-e-b-a-l-l-s. £4.49 yay!

Next is an elf product, and it is their brightening eye colour in Butternut. this is just a perfect neutral palette and it has different colours that you could use for lid, crease, highlight etc. This is such a good product and i lalalove it! £1.50 - so cheap, so good!!

Next is the aloe vera vaseline and basically it just keeps my lips so moisturised during the winter months and i have been taking this everywhere with me! I'm not sure how much this is... but it's really cheap i believe!

Last make-up product is the MUA pressed powder in shade 1, and i have been using this every day because it gives me the really flawless look, it doesn't look cakey but looks really niceee and its £1 so its a fabby buy! woopwoop!

Next product is Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter, and i love it! I have the mini size and i got it for christmas from a friend, i'm definately gonna repurchase the big size because i have been literally using this all the time! It smells amazing. I think for 50ml it is £2.something...

Next is the boots own brand moisturising lotion and i have been using this every morning and every night and it just does wonders for the skin! Love it, don't know the price sorry!

Next thing is the United Colours of Benneton perfume, the B.United one and i love the smell of this and been weaaring it every day this month. the packaging is also really cool!

Last thing is the schwarzkopf heat protection spray, and i have been straightening my hair quite alot this month and i have found that this really did protect my hair and made it super soft! It didn't make it look greasy which i found happens with some other ones i have.

So, that was all the products that i've been really loving this month and i will see you in my next post!

So, thank you for reading this post, sorry if i bored you!
Leah, xxxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Febuary Wants!

Hey guys! Firstly i would like to apologize for my lack of posts recently i have been pretty tired and im not to sure why? Anyway i wanted to do a post on something quite fun and easy so here we go!...
Firstly is this chiffon shirt from new look generation, i don't own a chiffon shirt but this one caught my eye due to the cute tie at the front! £14.99 i shall be buying this soon!
Vans are all the rave at the moment and these ones stood out to me as most people go for the black and navy blue but these are just a gorgeous colour! I must have them!! £45.00 i think?!
I have wanted some feather earings for ages, but i havent been able to find the right colour feathers to suit my hair colour. These are the perfect colour to complement my blonde hair as there a tanned brown colour! These are from republic for £7.00 these are to be mine!:)

Thank you for reading and im sorry if i bored you! 
i promise there will be more posts soon!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Cute Blog Award!

Firstly i want to thank LIZZY for giving me this award! Im so happy, and may i just cute is that logo!

The rules...

  • Link back to the person who awarded you
  • Answer award questions
  • Share something about yourself you haven't shared on your blog
  • award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award. (Im going to award about 7 people?)
The award questions...

  1. What is your 'go to' make up product? - I would say my 'go to' make up product is concealer, as there always good to carry round if you feel you want some extra coverage! 
  2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011? - mine has go to be... the floral, lace or aztec styles:)
  3. favourtie colour? - probably pastel colours at the moment, like pail pink! 
  4. What was the last song i listened to? urmmm.... It was either coldplay princess of china, one direction more than this or titanium by david guetta and sia?!
  5. Cats or Dogs? -im going to have to go with dogs but honestly i like them almost equal! kittens and puppys especially, there adorable! 
  6. Whats you middle name? -marie:)
 My something i have never mentioned on here?- My brother is one of my best friends! i love him to pieces!<3

5 blogs im going to give this award to...
boho vanity
belle pearl
beautiful bliss

So there you have it! thanks for reading, sorry if i bored you! There will be more 'proper' posts soon!