Sunday, 5 February 2012

Febuary Wants!

Hey guys! Firstly i would like to apologize for my lack of posts recently i have been pretty tired and im not to sure why? Anyway i wanted to do a post on something quite fun and easy so here we go!...
Firstly is this chiffon shirt from new look generation, i don't own a chiffon shirt but this one caught my eye due to the cute tie at the front! £14.99 i shall be buying this soon!
Vans are all the rave at the moment and these ones stood out to me as most people go for the black and navy blue but these are just a gorgeous colour! I must have them!! £45.00 i think?!
I have wanted some feather earings for ages, but i havent been able to find the right colour feathers to suit my hair colour. These are the perfect colour to complement my blonde hair as there a tanned brown colour! These are from republic for £7.00 these are to be mine!:)

Thank you for reading and im sorry if i bored you! 
i promise there will be more posts soon!


  1. I love the Vans, I need some too! I want some baby blue ones :)

    Charlotte xo

  2. I have tagged you to do 'The 11 Questions Tag' check out my post for more details and what questions I set for you! :)