Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Cute Blog Award!

Firstly i want to thank LIZZY for giving me this award! Im so happy, and may i just say...how cute is that logo!

The rules...

  • Link back to the person who awarded you
  • Answer award questions
  • Share something about yourself you haven't shared on your blog
  • award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award. (Im going to award about 7 people?)
The award questions...

  1. What is your 'go to' make up product? - I would say my 'go to' make up product is concealer, as there always good to carry round if you feel you want some extra coverage! 
  2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011? - mine has go to be... the floral, lace or aztec styles:)
  3. favourtie colour? - probably pastel colours at the moment, like pail pink! 
  4. What was the last song i listened to? urmmm.... It was either coldplay princess of china, one direction more than this or titanium by david guetta and sia?!
  5. Cats or Dogs? -im going to have to go with dogs but honestly i like them almost equal! kittens and puppys especially, there adorable! 
  6. Whats you middle name? -marie:)
 My something i have never mentioned on here?- My brother is one of my best friends! i love him to pieces!<3

5 blogs im going to give this award to...
boho vanity
belle pearl
beautiful bliss

So there you have it! thanks for reading, sorry if i bored you! There will be more 'proper' posts soon!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cath kidston cuties!

Hello, im back again with more from cath kidston! I love there products as everything is good quality and have the cutest patterns! I bought me some hand creams and nail files that i thought were pretty, so im sharing them with you!:)
You cant deny, these are the cutest hand creams ever!The perfect size for you bag, and they look pretty when im out and about! These can be bought for £6! and they come in a packof three! bargain for 3!! They all smell amazing and leave my hand feeling amazing! I cant stop using them!
left to right...
pink-wild rose
Bluebell if my favourite! 
These are just average nail files...not to amazing, but i couldnt resist! There the cutest nail files ever! Im always getting one out of my bag!:) These are £5 for all three which is really good! plus they come in the cutest packaging, they had a pink bow on!!

As i liked the bluebell hand cream so much my nanna gave me the bluebell shower gel to got with it! I forgot to take a picture though!-its pretty good didnt last long but hey it smelt nice!

Thanks for reading! sorry if i bored you!
thoughts? do you have any cath kidston?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Yankee candles!

I love candles and i was so happy the other day to come home and find that my mum had bought me two yankee candles! I got one in soft candle and one in tutti-frutti!- They smell like heaven!...

This is soft blanket, my mum got me tester sizes of each candle just to see if i liked the smells! These sizes are only like£1.981 bargain if you ask me!
This is probably my favorite of the two as it smells so creamy and cozy! love it!

This is the tutti-frutti candle! Now this one i forgot to take a picture when it was in its wrapper, so i thought id make up for it and take pictures of it alight! 
This candle smells really sweet and sugary! It smells just like tutti-frutti should! So if you like that smell, i would defiantly recommend this!- Although i know this smell isn't everybody's cuppa tea!

Thanks for reading and sorry if i bored you!
Do you guys have any yankee candles?- is there any candles you recommend?    leah,xxxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

My second award already! I have recently been given a award and to get this one has made me even happier! Big thank you to athina! go check out her amazing blog here: things i purchase
So  im going to go ahead and pass the award on to fifteen people who deserve it!...
  1. LIZZY @ http://lizzybeautyfashion.blogspot.com/
  2. Beth @ http://birdle.blogspot.com/
  3. Lizzy @  http://901lovely.blogspot.com/
  4. Ayla @ http://aisforayla.blogspot.com/
  5. Ellie @ http://atypicalenglishrose.blogspot.com/
  6. Chloe @ http://chloeelovess.blogspot.com/
  7. Amy @ http://franceeees.blogspot.com/
  8. Ellie @ http://ellwishes.blogspot.com/
  9. Lucy @ http://thepoetandtherose.blogspot.com/
  10. Elise @ http://elisebeautyx.blogspot.com/
  11. Iizzie @ http://fiveandfivemakesix.blogspot.com/
  12. Krystyna @ http://krystyna-x.blogspot.com/
  13. Becca @ http://100percentunoriginalbeautylover.blogspot.com/
  14. Bez @ http://bex-sbeautyblog.blogspot.com/
  15. Sarah @ http://burnserella.blogspot.com/
Now i believe i have to put 7 random interesting facts? I will keep it short...
  1. I dislike cheese greatly
  2. I love English, History and Art!
  3. I have 1 kidney 
  4. I have tiny feet-size 2:)
  5. I looveeee spaghetti!+onedirection are gorgeous:)
  6. I have a huge obsession with harry potter...
  7. I think makeup is the best invention ever. Its amazeballs.  
Thanks for reading! sorry if i bored you!
Another big thanks to Athina! 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream

I don't mean to go Nivea made on you, considering i recently had a nivea post but i needed to post today and  this happened to catch my eye! Nivea visage daily essentials tinted moisturising day cream! I haven't had this long but i already love this! I have really dry skin and before applying foundation i always have to moisturize my face, but with this i dont. This has a medium coverage and is very moisturising, plus some foundations have that foundation smell if you know the one...Well this smells so good!-abit like body lotion or hand cream!...

This is basically what it looks like! What i like about this tinted mosturiser: It spreads really well and lasts along time! It makes my face less dry and im really pleased with the finish! I bought this for about £4.61- something like that! I got it from boots! You get 50ml which is pretty good for the price!

Thank you for reading! sorry if i bored you!

Friday, 20 January 2012

MAC: eyeshadow in coppering!

As we have all heard MAC is pretty amazing and really good quality, so i just had to see for myself. Yes you read right... before this i was a mac virgin. But now im not and i have no regrets! This eyeshadow is so pigmented and stays on for so long! There's no fall out and im just in love!...
This is the packaging it turned up in, pretty smart!...
I bought this for £12 plus the p&p...ok its quite alot of money for one eyeshadow, but i had some money hanging around and just went for it! Since i got this I've been wearing it non stop! It compliments my skin tone really well, as i have browns and light eyeshadows but not one really stands out to much, where as this one stands out the perfect amount! 
you get 1.3g i believe! which is quite a good amount!-although the pot is smaller than i thought it would be? It is a good size thought! I have a mini obsession with eyeshadows and lipsticks at the moment, if  i have money i will almost defiantly spend/waste it on one of the two!- this time im happy i haven't wasted my money thought, it was 100% worth it! 
Coppering is a gorgeous colour that stood out to me on the website! Its a mixture of gold, red and brown and creates a rusty red colour...Im so pleased with it and would recommend it to everyone with abit of money hanging around!...

Thanks for reading! sorry if i rambled! 
leave your thoughts!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Liebster Blog award!

I would like to firstly say a BigBig thanks 
to pretty paper dolly901lovely 
and Kfbeautyblogs for giving me my first
 award! You should all check there blogs
 out because there so good!-you wont 
regret it! Im reallyreally happy! I havent 
been blogging that long and this made
 my day!...Thanks again guys! check them 
out with the links above...

The rules for this award are:

-Thank your 'Liebster' blog award presenter 

on your blog.

-Link back to the blogger who awarded you.

-Copy and paste the blog award to your


-Reveal your top 5 blog picks.

-Drop by your top 5 picks and let them 

know that you chose them by commenting 
on your blog.

I'm awarding this award to...
Kelly @ http://winterskelly.blogspot.com/
Jessica @ http://coppergarden.blogspot.com/2012/01/skyscraper-scandaleyes-mascara.html#comment-form
Chloe http://thegirlintheflowerdress.blogspot.com/
Colecame @ http://crossmykiss.blogspot.com/
Hollie @ /http://pandaeyezbeauty.blogspot.com/

Thanks again! sorry for babbling, leah,xxxxx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

NOTD: french falsies!

Im cheating today! On my nails i have primarks £1 OHH LA LA french nails! I have to say for £1 the nails are really good, quite thick and havent broken...yet:) but the glue the nails come with is garbage so i used my own glue that i bought separately! You get 24 nails which is always handy if your like me....losing them all the time!! I've had them on for 2 days and there still fine, and i have been doing some hard working stuff!-im impressed!...
This is the box they came in (not in the best condition sorry!)

The nails were really long and considering i wanted to wear them to school, i cut and filed them down abit to look abit more...natural?
Less tacky?...
My little finger looks weird in this picture! Doesnt actually look like that!!
See my little finger is normal:)

Just in case you wanted to know what glue i was using, i used Elegant Touch Protective Nail Glue its really really good i would defiantly buy it again! Mines from superdrug for about £3 i think?- maybe less?...
Bit of a bad picture sorry! The bottle wouldn't stay still!

Thanks for reading! hope i didn't bored you! 
I'd love to here your thoughts!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Boots natural collection, collection!

Thought i would blog today, and fancied abit of natural collection! This is a boots own brand which surprisingly is of a really good quality! Personally i think drug store makeup is pretty good... Anyway moving on everything in natural collection is under £2.00 which is a AMAZING price for the quality!:) Here's some of the things i have....(sorry for the condition of some the make up, its not all exactly new!)
Some products are newer than others, therefore some products have like nothing in and others are full....
From the bottom...
Natural Collection tinted moisturiser i have to say that for only £1.99 this foundation is good. You get 40ml and mine is in fair! Not the best but what would you expect at that price! It does give quite a good cover but i do feel it comes of quite quickly so if you have time to maybe reapply it then i guess it would be pretty good for you!The moisturiser side of this i don't feel really works as i don't think it mosturises my face any more than a foundation would! I feel its perfect for a cheap budget! Over all its pretty good!

Natural collection cover up stick generally a good product i like it! Covers blemishes pretty well for £1.99 its ideal!

Natural Collection pressed powder in cool i lalaloveee this! In my picture yes it basically all gone and broken, this is because i used it it all! Then all then bits i couldnt get from the side have broken up! you can tell by how much i used to how much i like it! I feel for £1.99 also, you cant go wrong! It works well with my skin type(dry, occasionally oily...) Better picture...
Natural Collection Liquid eye lines in black. £1.99 not the best honestly, i took into consideration the quality of the other products and thought this would be pretty good! i was wrong. I tried this out on night at a party and it started cracking! so i had random bits of cracked black eyeliner on my eyelid ew! Wouldnt really recommend this!

Natural collection coverup cream i love this!Not one bad thing about it! i use it everyday on my face as its just so natural looking! Mines in fair and you get 8 ml for £1.99- what a surprise!! Bargain this one!!

Natural collection eyeshadow in butterscotch i lalaloveeed this. Its amaze. Such a lovely colour (when i hadnt used it all...) i will be buying more of this and its only £1.79-SO good! butterscotch is a really bright colour aswell so it looks so nice just under the brow bone!! Clearer picture?...

Thanks for reading! hope i didnt babble! Thoughts?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

January Wants!

I know its abit late as its half way through January but hey:) Everyone wants bits and bobs each month and these are just a couple of things i would love to have this january!...

First i would love this topshop lipstick in ohh la la! I have wanted to perfect coral lipstick for ages and this is the one. I havent got any topshop makeup as my local topshop doesnt do make up-_- But i have seen so many good reviews on it! For £8 its abit expensive but apparently its almost as good as mac, which costs even more

Secondly i love this crafted feather bandeau top from republic! I have wanted a top like this for ages and i think it will be cute for most seasons! Its quite plain yet has a interesting pattern too which i like!£8.00 or to for £12.00 bargain if you ask me...im going to be buying this soon...

River island red ponti seamed leggings, remind me or horse riding trousers but i really like these! There a gorgeous colour and i think would go with loads! £20

I have wanted some sleek blush for ages! I have fallen in love with this colour (rose gold) and for just £4.30 its perfect! I think the colour is a very January colour too....

Thanks for reading, sorry for rambling! and if you have any of these products how are they?!

Thursday, 12 January 2012


I didnt own any nivea and thought i would try it out as loads of people say it does wonders for the skin!So for christmas i bought this little beauty and thought i would share it with you!- this is the nivea feel gorgeous christmas gift set!...

Firstly i love the presentation/packaging for this! A set of cardboard draws!-genius.
I now hold make up in these draws! The packaging is a product in itself! thanks nivea for the draws:)
This set comes with 7 mini nivea products perfect to carry around in your bag!
(L to R)
Nivea creme soft shower cream 50ml
average shower cream, nothing special:)
Nivea Irresistibly smooth body lotion 75ml
I really love this! its so thick and creamy:)
Nivea hand cream 30ml
Generally a good hand cream, smells nice and really moisturising although i feel it takes a while to skin in, so for like 5-10 mins i feel i have greasy hands!But i guess if you have really dry hands it would work faster!
Nivea soft refreshingly soft moisturising cream 25ml
The best of all the products! but you get the least amount of product, i shall be purchasing some more!
(top to bottom) 
Nivea pearly shine lips 4,8g
A really nice lip treatment i just dont like the colour on me! but i feel it really moisturized my lips!
Nivea pearl and beauty anti-perspirant deodorant 25ml
average deodorant
Nivea glamorous gloss in natural. 8.5ml
lalalove this! its a light pink and its so cute! i went out and bought the bigger version!

 Over all i do like these nivea products! There pretty average but they all are generally working products! I got this a christmas time for £9.99 but you can now get this set now at superdrug for  £6.99 bargain if you ask me!
Thanks for reading, sorry if i rambled!
tell me of any good products?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Review: Cath Kidston brush set

I wanted this brush set for ages because i had seen quite a few good reviews on it! Now i have it i thought i would do one myself! (some of the brushes aren't the cleanest, sorry! Didn't have much time!) 
This is the brush set i happened to pick up from Cath Kidston! You can get different patterns which are all very cute and of the same shape and style of this one! This is sold at £25.00 not to bad for a brush set compared to some stores... they are often on sale thought so keep your eye out Plus the outlet stores sell these sometimes! The packaging im really pleased with as i have had it a while and its still looking shiny and new! <always a bonus!
This is the set from the inside, the pretty pattern continues and the brushes are safely tucked away in little pouches under a plastic flap keeping the heads of the brushes in order:) Inside there is a zip above the Cath Kidston label where i like to keep my other smaller brushes, but i guess that could be used to hold spare make up? or make up you would use the brushes with? Always handy to have i guess! 
The brushes themselves i feel are a really good quality! They have a normal white wooden handle and i think the brushes are synthetic! (The brush handles aren't bent by the way its just the way i took the picture and the ways the shadows have gone! owps!) I REALLY love this set, couldn't live without it now! I use it everyday because every brush gives a really nice application and there all SO soft! The hairs hardly ever fall out which is a problem i always had with my other brushes! Plus they have the essential brushes all in one set which is always handy! Powder, blush, eye shadow, concealer brushes! lalalaloveeee this!! Recommend it to everyone!

Thanks for reading+following<3
sorry if i rambled on!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Small sales haul!

In the sales i bought a couple things some being on sale some not, but still i thought i would do this sales post because i can:) Theres some random things in here too but i think there pretty so whateverrr:)
As this is hair related thought i would add it! This is Wella Silvikrin 
hair spray in firm hold 3 my mum recommended this to me and honestly i didn't think it would be that good but i was pleasantly surprised. i would recommend this in firm hold 3 as its the perfect hold! firm hold 4 would be solid and 2 wouldn't be enough hold where as hold 3 allows you hair to move naturally but keeps shape perfectperfectperfect! I bought this for about £2.99 which is a really good priced hairspray! Its different prices at different places!
I got this coat the other day from primark expecting to pay £19.00 but it ended up being £14.00 which made me a very happy bunny! Its a beige colour and on the out side is quite rough but the inside is all silky and smooth! Its really warm and i laaalove it! The hood has a nice pattern:)
I got this from the works for about £2.99! i love it, it has everything! Plus the pattern is gorgeous! It was such a good price considering WHsmiths diarys like this are £10.00! love!<3 im a sucker for pretty patterns:)
This lipstick is from MUA in superdrug for just £1 amazing. I mentioned this in my whats in my makeup bag post and im just going to go into abit of detail on it! This is a gorgeous nude colour which is so moisturizing!I really do love it, its completely worth £1! one thing i have noticed with this lipstick is that its so moisturizing that the colour does fade quite fast and i end up reapplying it alot, making it run out fast :O It doesnt really matter though its not gonna break the bank! OH and the bottom bit of the lipstick, the colourful bit yeah well it comes of and theres like the same shade as the lipstick lip balm!-awesome.
I got the 17 peep show mascara but im not going to go into much detail on this as i have done a review on this little collection! you can find this in my January 2011 posts!
 Lastly but not least my £1 eyelash curlers from primark! These were also mentioned in my whats in my makeup bag post! I love these, i have friends that have more expensive ones who also bought these and prefer these curlers by a mile! They may be cheap but there worth it!<3

Lastly i got these new jeans from H&M they were only.....£12.99! SO good! im in love with these just everything about them, from the way they fit my hips perfectly to there colour! There also very stretchy, not quite as stretchy as jeggins but not far of! I lalalalalalove these SO much bargain!:)

Sorry this blog was pretty long, hope you enjoyed reading and i hope i didnt bore you!
leah,xxxx +thanks for reading and following:) 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fashion Tag!

I fancied posting today and thought a tag would be nice and easy to do! I found this one quite interesting so i hope you enjoy!....

What do you wear most?
In winter i love my jumpers,jeans,leggings and coats but summer its all about the short shorts:)
What are you wearing now?
H&M jeans with a hollister vest on top with a oversized oatmeal coloured cardi! 

Favourite seasons to go shopping?
i really cant choose!
Skirts or pants?

favourite places to shop?
newlook, primark all that jazz!
Describe your style?
floaty,tight,plain,bright everything!
How long do you spend on your outfits each day?

Depends whats happening on the day! usually about 10 mins?
Who do you usually shop with?
Friends! sometime family:)
Favourtite coloured top?
cropped top- light pink with a pale grey floral pattern, with a black bird cage on!

How long would you wear painful but gorgeous heels for?
Well i'm short so i wear heels to most party's so i wear them as long as the party lasts!:)

Thanks for reading this, i hope it didn't bore you!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Review: 17 peep show mascara.

Hey guys! Thought i would do a review on the 17 peep show mascara as i recently bought it and thought it was quite interesting as its a new product:)

 This is a new mascara by 17 so in boots its on a deal at the moment where you get 1 pound of and a free palette and i couldnt resist with this cute packaging! Normally this mascara would be £6.29 but i got it for £5.29+the palette!wooo!
I got it in black and i really like it! It has a nice brush, and its not clumpy at all! It applies pretty well considering the price! I would deffo reccomend this! It all about the packaging:)
This is the palette from the inside, it has soome really nice shades and all the colours are really pigmented! They stay on really well and dont have much fall out which is always good! I would deffo recommed getting the  mascara now considering its cheaper with a bonus palette! over all i really the whole 17 peep show collection!

Thanks for reading! sorry if i bored you!


Friday, 6 January 2012

Tag: Whats in my makeup bag?

I always find these posts fun to read and i fancied taking pictures so here i am with whats in my makeup bag! These are just the basics i would take to a friends house so there's nothing to amazing! anyway on with the show...
Makeup bag Jack wills £5 (not to big not to small)

17 Peep show Eye palette (its pretty small quite nice size for makeup bag!)
17 peep show mascara in black £5.29 +they have a deal on atm where you get the free palette!
There so cute i couldn't resist!- more about this on my haul coming soon:)
Primark eyelash curlers £1 surprisingly really good for £1 
Markwins International powder blush £1
Markwins International powder bronzer £1
They have a gentle shimmer which is nice... 
Markwins international lipstich £1 cant remember the shade!
Nivea sun protect, my lips dry of and burn easy... This has SPF 50 and is water resistant £4.20 ,you can get it
cheaper though!
MUA lipstick in shade 14 £1 more on this in comming soon haul!
17 skin perfecting shine free foundation in fair £5.69
Natural collection cover-up stick in Medium £1.99
Natural collection cover-up cream in fair £1.99
(looks orange in the picture but its just the camera there actually quite pale)
MUA pressed powder in Shade 1-the palest shade:D £1
Rimmel clear complexion cover stick in natural beige about £5.00-had it ages!
Randomly Johnsons baby protective moisturiser no idea how much but it makes my face so soft<3<3
+dont know why the pics side ways? sorry!

Thats everything in my basic makeup bag, may have missed a thew things!lets hope not!, sorry if i bored you +thanks for reading<3<3