Monday, 16 January 2012

Boots natural collection, collection!

Thought i would blog today, and fancied abit of natural collection! This is a boots own brand which surprisingly is of a really good quality! Personally i think drug store makeup is pretty good... Anyway moving on everything in natural collection is under £2.00 which is a AMAZING price for the quality!:) Here's some of the things i have....(sorry for the condition of some the make up, its not all exactly new!)
Some products are newer than others, therefore some products have like nothing in and others are full....
From the bottom...
Natural Collection tinted moisturiser i have to say that for only £1.99 this foundation is good. You get 40ml and mine is in fair! Not the best but what would you expect at that price! It does give quite a good cover but i do feel it comes of quite quickly so if you have time to maybe reapply it then i guess it would be pretty good for you!The moisturiser side of this i don't feel really works as i don't think it mosturises my face any more than a foundation would! I feel its perfect for a cheap budget! Over all its pretty good!

Natural collection cover up stick generally a good product i like it! Covers blemishes pretty well for £1.99 its ideal!

Natural Collection pressed powder in cool i lalaloveee this! In my picture yes it basically all gone and broken, this is because i used it it all! Then all then bits i couldnt get from the side have broken up! you can tell by how much i used to how much i like it! I feel for £1.99 also, you cant go wrong! It works well with my skin type(dry, occasionally oily...) Better picture...
Natural Collection Liquid eye lines in black. £1.99 not the best honestly, i took into consideration the quality of the other products and thought this would be pretty good! i was wrong. I tried this out on night at a party and it started cracking! so i had random bits of cracked black eyeliner on my eyelid ew! Wouldnt really recommend this!

Natural collection coverup cream i love this!Not one bad thing about it! i use it everyday on my face as its just so natural looking! Mines in fair and you get 8 ml for £1.99- what a surprise!! Bargain this one!!

Natural collection eyeshadow in butterscotch i lalaloveeed this. Its amaze. Such a lovely colour (when i hadnt used it all...) i will be buying more of this and its only £1.79-SO good! butterscotch is a really bright colour aswell so it looks so nice just under the brow bone!! Clearer picture?...

Thanks for reading! hope i didnt babble! Thoughts?


  1. Wow, the prices are so low - I have to try these cosmetics! :D
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    Joanna from

  2. You should there pretty good! And I have followed you! I like your blog!xoxo

  3. Hiya Leah, loved your blog post!
    I also have the pressed powder I think it is really good you should also try out pink cloud the blusher similar to well dressed by mac I think it is really good. I also have the lash length mascara that is also quite good but I wouldn't recomend the nail polishes or the foundation as they are rubish to be honest but I suppose I haven't lost to much money :)

    Emily x

  4. Thank you emily! pink cloud? i will have to check it out! thanks!x:)

  5. I love your blog hun! Youre super pretty for 13! my god, if i looked like you when i was 13! haha! following now!

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  6. Thank you jasmine! and im checking your blog now!<3

  7. There is nothing like natural looking makeup. :) I wonder if they have Boots in the states? I want to try that tinted moisturizer!

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  9. love the natural color


  10. I follow you all now!thanks for following and commenting! And im not sure if they do boots in the states?-they should though!
    Eric thanks natural is the best:)...xoxo