Friday, 6 January 2012

Tag: Whats in my makeup bag?

I always find these posts fun to read and i fancied taking pictures so here i am with whats in my makeup bag! These are just the basics i would take to a friends house so there's nothing to amazing! anyway on with the show...
Makeup bag Jack wills £5 (not to big not to small)

17 Peep show Eye palette (its pretty small quite nice size for makeup bag!)
17 peep show mascara in black £5.29 +they have a deal on atm where you get the free palette!
There so cute i couldn't resist!- more about this on my haul coming soon:)
Primark eyelash curlers £1 surprisingly really good for £1 
Markwins International powder blush £1
Markwins International powder bronzer £1
They have a gentle shimmer which is nice... 
Markwins international lipstich £1 cant remember the shade!
Nivea sun protect, my lips dry of and burn easy... This has SPF 50 and is water resistant £4.20 ,you can get it
cheaper though!
MUA lipstick in shade 14 £1 more on this in comming soon haul!
17 skin perfecting shine free foundation in fair £5.69
Natural collection cover-up stick in Medium £1.99
Natural collection cover-up cream in fair £1.99
(looks orange in the picture but its just the camera there actually quite pale)
MUA pressed powder in Shade 1-the palest shade:D £1
Rimmel clear complexion cover stick in natural beige about £5.00-had it ages!
Randomly Johnsons baby protective moisturiser no idea how much but it makes my face so soft<3<3
+dont know why the pics side ways? sorry!

Thats everything in my basic makeup bag, may have missed a thew things!lets hope not!, sorry if i bored you +thanks for reading<3<3


  1. i love how the products in your bag are so simple/natural - its refreshing to see ! i also love the brands too, its frustrating seeing posts about mac and dior and clinique when my budget just won't stretch that far!
    Loving your blog :)


  2. thank you!i do like the natural style, im not confident enough to go all out! +I feel the same way, there nice to read but boy they make me feel cheap! I will buy mac when i have money...but otherwise its all drugstore for me:)xxxxx