Wednesday, 4 January 2012

PERFUME. Top 5 Favourite!

I have LOADS of perfumes, some higher brands such as Elizabeth Arden and lower brands like Charlie but in this blog im focusing on mainly the lower/cheaper perfumes! I haven't seen many perfume blogs, but i was bored and thought i may as well! In no particular order.... 

Number 1. Charlie Pink smells so good! Its probably my favourite perfume of the lot! Its really cheap as well which is good because i'm not worried about using it to fast! You can get this in pretty much any store that sells charlie: boots, superdrug, Wilkinson...! I thinks its about £6 maybe £7 depends where you buy it!

Number 2. So What? This one smells REALLY fresh and reminds me of summer and there a hint of tango in there!! 
I got its as a present from a friend and i love love love the little bottle, it so cute! Same as charlie pink you can get it at those stores, keep an eye out! I have the 20ml one which is only £6 and i believe the 50ml one is £10!

Number 3. Suzi Yung, Feelin' Groovy I love the presentation on the box and the bottle, its all very bright! This smells nice but isn't my absolute favourite. The perfume just smells pretty average thats not a bad thing though.  This one is from primark! Think it was £6- may be wrong, would have to check that!

Number 4. B.UNITED i really really like the smell of this one, it stay on for ages to! This kind of reminds me of Christmas don't ask me why? This scent does tend to stay on my clothes but that's not bad as its a nice smell! I dont know how much this was, sorry!<3

Number 5. so? I have cheated and added 4 of these so? perfumes together because i just couldn't choose there all lovely! There is a lovely range in these fragrances, ones for school, nights out, lazy days you name it! ( in order L-R) so?superstar, so?Eternal, So? and so?kissme. As you can tell i like my so?! These can be bought at the same places as So what?+ Theres a So? website! All 4 were about £10.75! 

Thanks for reading!+sorry if i bored you!
love Leah,xxxx

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