Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Liebster Blog award!

I would like to firstly say a BigBig thanks 
to pretty paper dolly901lovely 
and Kfbeautyblogs for giving me my first
 award! You should all check there blogs
 out because there so good!-you wont 
regret it! Im reallyreally happy! I havent 
been blogging that long and this made
 my day!...Thanks again guys! check them 
out with the links above...

The rules for this award are:

-Thank your 'Liebster' blog award presenter 

on your blog.

-Link back to the blogger who awarded you.

-Copy and paste the blog award to your


-Reveal your top 5 blog picks.

-Drop by your top 5 picks and let them 

know that you chose them by commenting 
on your blog.

I'm awarding this award to...
Kelly @
Jessica @
Colecame @
Hollie @ /

Thanks again! sorry for babbling, leah,xxxxx


  1. I decided to give your awesome blog an award! check it out on my blog if you like!

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  3. Ahh thank you babe :) I'll do it now. xxx

  4. No problem! I love your blog!xxx

  5. Thank you Leah! your blog is great, will do this asap hehe! Hollie xox

  6. haha okay! and thants alright! you deserve it your blog is so good!xoxo