Friday, 30 December 2011

Cozy Winter Buys!

In the winter everyone likes things that are cute and cuddly, things they can just laze around in at home! So this December i been on a mission to get a cozy collection of things to keep me cuddly and warm for Christmas time! :) Heres some of the things i got...

Firstly i got this all in one suit (onesie!) This is the best thing ever.
i had never felt the same comfort before this! I think its so cute and its so warm!
I got this one from Primark for only £12.99! <i think! i bought this awhile ago so i cant remember the price exactly!

                                                                                                                                                                         Secondly i got a new hot water bottle! and i thought this one was quite sweet! It stays warm for ages to! This from Tesco:) i believe it was about £8.00! not bad at all!

NEW SLIPPERS.I love slippers, there just the coolest inventions in the world! These ones are form new look and i love there gorgeous Christmas style patterns! There really fluffy and i wear them ALL the time, that pretty much says everything! These were £12.99 SO worth it!

Lastly is my sleeveless belted ponte dress from new look! This is my favourite dress at the moment as its perfect for the season! i wore it on Christmas day and its the ideal dress for new years to! Plus this type of dress can be worn  all year round! BARGAIN:) This dress was £17.99 which i think is a very reasonable price!

      Thanks for reading! & I apologize if this bored you!
       love Leah, xxxx

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